Tariq's Top Priorities


Jobs / Economic Development

We need to focus on having the right ecosystem in place that makes business owners want to operate in Charlotte. That includes safe streets, well maintained roads, a strong pipeline of new market talent, and low taxes. Specifically, we need to focus on becoming a global FinTech (Financial Technology) hub. FinTech's role in the financial industry will not only continue to grow over the next 10 years, it is predicted to do so at the expense of traditional banking jobs. As the 3rd largest banking center in the nation, Charlotte has a lot to gain by proactively addressing this opportunity. 

Roads / Transit

We must balance having a bold vision for the future of transportation in Charlotte, while living within our means. This requires creative, yet pragmatic, thinking. It means that the sexy thing we may very much want, should be prioritized below the unsexy road and infrastructure maintenance we need. 

Public Safety

Over 60 people have already lost their lives to violence in Charlotte this year, and we are on pace to pass historic numbers just at the halfway point in 2019. When residents are scared to walk to the mall when it gets dark, or couples think twice about visiting Charlotte on the weekend because of rape stories, you can be confident that companies looking to relocate will not look on these stats positively. We need to ensure we are properly funding CMPD, that we are using data effectively to police our city, and we have a seamless and fully staffed process in place from officers to DA to jails.